Top 9 hottest grey eyed babes

In this toplist we are ranking the sexiest babes with grey eye color. What combination do you like best? Grey eyes and blond? Or grey eyes and dark coloured hair. Check if your favourite babe has made it to the list.

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1. Jennifer Stone

  • Jennifer her nickname is: Jenniferstone
  • Her horoscope is Aquarius
  • Jennifer Stone's zodiac sign is aquarius
  • The color of Jennifer Stone's hair is brunette

2. Clemence Poesy

  • Her horoscope is Scorpio
  • Clemence Poesy's zodiac sign is scorpio
  • The color of Clemence Poesy's hair is blond

3. Sandra Kubicka

4. Kristina Basham

  • Her horoscope is Leo
  • Kristina Basham's zodiac sign is leo
  • The color of Kristina Basham's hair is brunette

5. Amber Smith

  • Her horoscope is Aries
  • Amber Smith's zodiac sign is aries
  • The color of Amber Smith's hair is blond

6. Daphne Groeneveld

  • 1.79m

  • Her horoscope is Capricorn
  • Daphne Groeneveld's zodiac sign is capricorn
  • The color of Daphne Groeneveld's hair is blond

7. Matilda Lowther

  • Her horoscope is Cancer
  • Matilda Lowther's zodiac sign is cancer
  • The color of Matilda Lowther's hair is brunette

8. Maartje Verhoef

  • 1.79m

  • Her horoscope is Libra
  • Maartje Verhoef's zodiac sign is libra
  • The color of Maartje Verhoef's hair is blond

9. Ivana Hyde

  • May 20, 1996
  • 26 years old
  • 1.60m

  • Her horoscope is Gemini
  • Ivana Hyde's zodiac sign is gemini
  • The color of Ivana Hyde's hair is black

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