Xenia Deli

  • Height 1.70m
Xenia Deli

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Xenia's BIO

About her Horoscope

Her horoscope is Scorpio. One thing to mention about this horoscope:

> "The mysterious Scorpio people have their own, very special way in love. Some may say that they overcomplicate everything whilst others will appreciate them exactly for their way of packaging everything in such a complex manner." Source: thehoroscope.co/scorpio

Her horoscope elements according to her astrology sign:

  • Color - Deep red
  • Element - Water
  • Flower - Chrysanthemum
  • Fragrance - Cypress
  • Lucky day - Tuesday
  • Motto - I desire

Positive trait

One of the things Scorpios need to learn is to stop being so controlling and demanding and listen more to what others have to say.

Negative trait

Once someone wins their true respect they are sure to act very respectable and be a great company. A victorious Scorpio knows how to make use of their magnetic and passionate charm to attract interesting people and opportunities.

Neutral trait

They appear to be most charming persons to everyone they come across with. Just like a true Scorpio, they are emotional, mysterious and sometimes even tolerant.

Looks & Measurements

Xenia has got mystical green eyes. There is something about babes with green eyes don't you think? It displays a certain amount of compassion and curiousity. Green eyed girls are among the fewest in the world. A downside of green eyed girls is that they tend to get jealous easy. Her haircolor is brunette. Obviously this is pure personal preference too, but statistics show that brunette babes are among the most beautiful of the world. Xenia is quite tall in size with 5ft 7.

Xenia Deli on social media

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Name Xenia Deli
Profession Model
Horoscoop Scorpio
Hair Brunette
Eyes Green


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