• Birthday February 20
  • Age 36 years old
  • Height 1.73m
  • Birthplace Barbados
  • instagram 135M
  • twitter 108M
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Rihanna's BIO

Rihanna is 33 years young. She's an extremely famous singer with lyrics in her songs like "can you get it up" and "is you big enough", gotta love it. An amazing middle aged lady. Rihanna her birthday is on the 20th of February. She is from Barbados, so you will have to study English if you ever have the chance to speak to this babe since that is the primary language spoken in Barbados.

About her Horoscope

Her horoscope is Pisces. One thing to mention about this horoscope:

There are three Pisces decans, each with their own influence on the personality of those born during them. Birthday dates ranging from February 19 to February 29 are placed in the first decan that is governed by the planet Neptune.

Source: thehoroscope.co/pisces

Her horoscope elements according to her astrology sign:

  • Color - Turquoise
  • Element - Water
  • Flower - Water Lily
  • Fragrance - Rosemary
  • Lucky day - Thursday
  • Motto - I believe

Positive trait

They are credulous, lazy and weak willed. Sometimes they tend to act pretty childish and therefore risk driving away serious and dependable people.

Negative trait

The most important strength of Pisces is represented by the fact they are some other Pisces qualities are enthusiasm, wit and gentleness as well as optimism.

Neutral trait

They avoid inconsiderate people, criticism and conflict. It is quite difficult to handle Pisces, as they are sensible visionaries hard to understand and manage.

Looks & Measurements

The color of her hair is black. Yes, we like it. What do you think? Rihanna her ethnicity is black. If you love these types of girls, make sure to check out our toplisted favourite black babes in the world. Rihanna is quite tall in size with 5ft 8.

News when she was born

News on her birthday in 1988

The Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast votes to secede from the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic and join the Armenian SSR, triggering the First Nagorno-Karabakh War

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1988

Rihanna on social media

Rihanna is on social media.. For hot photos and videos of this babe, make sure to check out her Instagram. You can also find her on twitter if you're more into that platform.. Unfortunately she's not on Youtube. But make sure to check out her personal links for all platforms down below in the wiki.

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External sources:

Name Rihanna
Birthcountry Barbados
Birthday February 20, 1988
Profession Pop singer
Horoscope Pisces
Hair Black
Ethnicity Black
Height 1.73m

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The Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast votes to secede from the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic and join the Armenian SSR, triggering the First Nagorno-Karabakh War

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