Natalie Coughlin

  • Birthday August 23
  • Age 41 years old
  • Height 1.73m
  • Birthplace United States
Natalie Coughlin

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Natalie's BIO

Natalie Coughlin plays swimming. She definately is one of our cutest swimming babes. If you are into golf, make sure to check out our greatest listed golf babes in our toplists section. She is from the United States, so you will have to learn English if you ever get to speak to her. If you're looking for more of the hottest babes this nation has to offer, we've got you covered, check out our top listed American babes.

About her Horoscope

Her zodiac sign is Virgo. One thing to mention about this astrology sign:

> "They are very pretentious, therefore not very sociable but they do know how to be a pleasant company for everyone." Source:

Her horoscope elements according to her astrology sign are the following:

  • Color - Navy blue
  • Element - Earth
  • Flower - Morning Glory
  • Fragrance - Chamomile
  • Lucky day - Wednesday
  • Motto - I analyze

Positive trait

The one weakness most Virgo display is intolerance. They disagree with all the vices of others although they do forget to analyze their own.

Negative trait

A thriving Virgo knows how to make use of their openness to novelty and of their patience and consideration to others.

Neutral trait

It is quite easy to communicate with an Virgo, as long as you are a trustworthy and balanced person. The planet Mercury influences them to act rational and balanced.

Looks & Measurements

Natalie is small in size with 0ft 0.

Natalie Coughlin on social media

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Name Natalie Coughlin
Birthcountry United States
Birthday August 23, 1982
Profession Swimmer
Horoscope Leo
Weight 63kg
Height 1.73m

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Natalie Coughlin, American Olympic swimmer


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