Kina Kai

  • Birthday September 2
  • Age 38 years old
  • Height 1.55m
  • Birthplace Philippines
  • twitter 2.2K
Kina Kai

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Kina's BIO

Kina is 38 years young. A beautiful middle aged lady. She saw daylight on the 2nd of September. She is from the Philippines, so you better learn Tagalog and Filipino if you ever get to speak to this babe. Should you be looking for more of the hottest babes this nation has to offer, then make sure to check out our best listed Philippine babes.

About her Horoscope

Her zodiac sign is Virgo. One thing to mention about this horoscope:

They are very pretentious, therefore not very sociable but they do know how to be a pleasant company for everyone.

Her horoscope attributes according to her astrology sign are the following:

  • Color - Navy blue
  • Element - Earth
  • Flower - Morning Glory
  • Fragrance - Chamomile
  • Lucky day - Wednesday
  • Motto - I analyze

Positive trait

Virgo weaknesses include a grain of resentment as they rarely forget and forgive. Other than that, they are sometimes so undecided they literally have no clue where to head at.

Negative trait

A thriving Virgo knows how to make use of their openness to novelty and of their patience and consideration to others.

Neutral trait

People born in Virgo despise mediocrity and disorder. They try to stay away from avoid lazy and showy people.

Looks & Measurements

Kina has got humble brown eyes. Brown eyed girls, like Van Morrisson sings are said to be independent and caring people. A weakness of babes with brown eyes is that in their lovelife they tend to take a backseat for their dear ones. Her haircolor is black. Yes, we like it. What do you think? What about this cute babe her boobsize? If you like hot girls with medium sized boobs then you will surely enjoy this babe. Kina is small in size with 5ft 1.

News when she was born

Event that happened on her birthday in 1984

Seven people are shot and killed and 12 wounded in the Milperra massacre, a shootout between the rival motorcycle gangs Bandidos and Comancheros in Sydney, Australia.


Kina Kai on social media

Kina is on social media.. For hot photos & videos of this babe, make sure to check out her Instagram. . Unfortunately she's not on Youtube. But make sure to check out her personal links for all platforms down below in the wiki.

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Name Kina Kai
Birthcountry Philippines
Birthday September 2, 1983
Horoscoop Virgo
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Boobsize Medium
Weight 41kg
Height 1.55m

What happened on her birthday


Tiffany Hines, American television actress and singer


Feri Cansel, Turkish-Cypriot actress

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