Jelena Karleusa

  • Birthday August 17
  • Age 43 years old
Jelena Karleusa

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Jelena's BIO

Jelena is 43 years young. An amazing middle aged lady. Her birthday is on the 17th of August.

About her Horoscope

Her horoscope sign is Leo. A thing to mention about this astrology sign:

They also find it very complicated to show their true feelings, and in order to really get to their souls, you need to dig deeper.

Her horoscope attributes according to her astrology sign:

  • Color - Orange
  • Element - Fire
  • Flower - Sunflower
  • Fragrance - Cinnamon
  • Lucky day - Sunday
  • Motto - I want

Positive trait

They are also patronizing and controlling, even with the persons they care about, thus committing many foolish mistakes in their relationships.

Negative trait

These people are not only very empowering but also friendly. An efficacious Leo knows how to make use of his resourcefulness and intelligence.

Neutral trait

Leo traits include great determination and passion. Just like a true Leo, they are resourceful and honourable

Looks & Measurements

Her haircolor is blonde. Yes, a not so stereotypical dumb hot blonde babe. Jelena her ethnicity is caucasian. If you are into these types of babes, make sure to check out our toplisted hottest caucasian babes in the world. With 0ft 0 Jelena is considered small according to western standards.

News when she was born

News on her birthday in the year 1999

The 7 M İzmit earthquake shakes northwestern Turkey with a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (), leaving more than 17,000 dead and around 50,000 injured.


Jelena Karleusa on social media

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Name Jelena Karleusa
Birthday August 17, 1978
Profession Pop Singer
Horoscoop Leo
Hair Blond
Ethnicity Caucasian


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