Famke Janssen

  • Birthday November 5
  • Age 57 years old
  • Height 1.80m
  • Birthplace Netherlands
Famke Janssen

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Famke's BIO

About her Horoscope

Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. One thing to mention about this astrology sign:

One can win the attention of the picky Sagittarius lover if they check at least 70% of the items on their list of attributes their significant other should have.
Source: thehoroscope.co/sagittarius

Her horoscope attributes according to her astrology sign are the following:

  • Color - Purple
  • Element - Fire
  • Flower - Narcissus
  • Fragrance - Orange
  • Lucky day - Thursday
  • Motto - I perceive

Positive trait

The one weakness most Sagittarius fight against is related to acting foolish and tactless, especially when things don't go the way they anticipated they would go.

Negative trait

These people are warm-hearted and considerate with the majority of people they know, unless someone disappoints them. A successful Sagittarius knows how to make use of their friendliness, hard work and ethical conduct in order to attract many opportunities.

Neutral trait

The planet Jupiter influences them to be expansive, sociable and risk takers. Being a fire sign, Sagittarius is adventurous, physical and courageous. They are ruled by the ninth house, the symbol of travel, distant places and higher education.

Looks & Measurements

Famke has got humble brown eyes. Brown eyed girls, like Van Morrisson sings are said to be independent and caring people. A flaw of babes with brown eyes is that in their lovelife they are prone to take a backseat for their loved ones. The color of her hair is red. Well, this amazing ginger babe does have soul for sure. With 5ft 11 Famke is considered tall according to western standards.

Famke Janssen on social media

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Name Famke Janssen
Birthcountry Netherlands
Birthcity Amstelveen
Birthday November 5, 1964
Profession Actress
Horoscope Sagittarius
Hair Red
Eyes Brown
Height 1.80m


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