Faith Lianne

  • Birthday December 26
  • Age 21 years old
  • Birthplace United States
  • twitter 393K
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Faith Lianne is an extremely sexy American glamour model. She was born on December 26th in 2002 and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Faith Lianne has an incredible body with a gorgeous bubble butt that attracts a lot of visitors to her social media pages. For exclusive content you can find her on OnlyFans too. She surely is one of the hottest babes on Babesdirectory with her pretty brown eyes and the booty of a goddess. Faith is featured in our top 50 bubble butts on OnlyFans list specifically for having one of the best bubble butts around! If you need info about Faith, we got you covered. Anything you need to know about here you can find here, go check it out!

Name Faith Lianne
Birthcountry United States
Birthcity Miami
Birthday December 26, 2002
Profession Model
Horoscope Capricorn
Hair Brunette
Eyes Brown
Bubblebut Yes

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Herb Ritts, American photographer

Instagram imfaithxo Instagram imfaithxo
Twitter faithliannee Twitter faithliannee
TikTok faith_lianne TikTok faith_lianne
Facebook ayo.mofe.16 Facebook ayo.mofe.16

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