Cody Horn

  • Birthday June 12
  • Age 34 years old
  • Height 1.79m
  • Birthplace United States
Cody Horn

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Cody's BIO

She is from the United States, so you are going to need to learn English if you ever get to speak to her. Should you be looking for more of the hottest babes this country has to offer, then you've got to check out our greatest listed American babes.

About her Horoscope

Her horoscope sign is Gemini. One thing to mention about this astrology sign:

> "The complex and charming Gemini people are attracted to optimistic and creative people and it seems that Libra and Aquarius natives are amongst their favorites." Source:

Her horoscope elements according to her astrology sign are the following:

  • Color - Yellow
  • Element - Air
  • Flower - Lavender
  • Fragrance - Basil
  • Lucky day - Wednesday
  • Motto - I think

Positive trait

Learning when to focus and not be so easily distracted, even by the smallest thing, is one thing Gemini needs to do.

Negative trait

We are talking about a clever and adaptable individual. The most important strength of Gemini is represented by the fact they are usually vivacious and optimistic.

Neutral trait

The natives born between May 21 and June 20 are considered to be the narrators of the zodiac. They are cerebral, charming and warm hearted. Some other Gemini traits include great communication skills, friendliness and resourcefulness.

Looks & Measurements

Cody has got mystical green eyes. There is something about babes with green eyes don't you think? It displays a certain amount of intelligence and curiousity. Green eyed girls are scarce. A weakness of green eyed girls is that they tend to get jealous very easily. Her haircolor is blonde. Yes, a sexy legally blonde babe. With 5ft 10.5 Cody is considered tall according to western standards.

Cody Horn on social media

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Name Cody Horn
Birthcountry United States
Birthday June 12, 1988
Profession Movie Actress
Horoscoop Gemini
Hair Blond
Eyes Green
Height 1.79m

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