Claire Black

  • Birthday March 23
  • Age 28 years old
  • Height 1.52m
  • Birthplace United States
  • chaturbate 109K
  • fancentro 33
Claire Black

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Claire's BIO

Claire is 25 years young. An amazing average aged lady. Claire Black her birthday is on the 23rd of March. She is from the United States, so you need to study English if you ever have the chance to speak to this babe. If you're looking for more of the hottest babes this country has to offer, then make sure to check out our top listed American babes.

About her Horoscope

Her zodiac sign is Aries. A thing to mention about this astrology sign:

The Aries zodiac sign rules the head, eyes and ears. This suggests that some small incidents regarding their head and eyes may occur to these natives and that they are also prone to frequently catching colds.

Her horoscope attributes according to her astrology sign:

  • Color - Red
  • Element - Fire
  • Flower - Honeysuckle
  • Fragrance - Jasmine
  • Lucky day - Tuesday
  • Motto - I am, I do.

Positive trait

They are overly confident and prone to building up depression or sadness feelings as they do not open easily to others because they don't want to risk crashing their strong appearance.

Negative trait

The biggest strength of any Aries is represented by the fact they possess a sharp temper and they are very adaptable to almost any situation they encounter in life.

Neutral trait

Being a fire sign, Aries is similar to fire, warm, bright and vital. This zodiac sign is ruled by the first house which is the symbol of power, physical body and personal needs.

Looks & Measurements

Claire is small in size with 5ft 0.

What happened on her birthday?

News on her birthday in 1996

Taiwan (Republic of China) holds its first direct elections for president; Lee Teng-hui is re-elected.


Claire Black on social media

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Name Claire Black
Alias Claire_baby
Birthcountry United States
Birthday March 23, 1996
Horoscope Aries
Weight 43kg
Height 1.52m

What happened on her birthday


Taiwan (Republic of China) holds its first direct elections for president; Lee Teng-hui is re-elected.


Alexander Albon, Thai racing driver

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