Alina Zagitova

  • Country Russia
Alina Zagitova

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Alina's BIO

Alina Zagitova plays figure skating. She surely is one of our favourite figure skating babes. If you are into golf, make sure to check out our ultimate listed golf babes in our toplists section. Her nationality is Russian so you better study Russian if you ever have the chance to speak to this babe. If you're looking for more of the cutest babes this nation has to offer, we've got you covered, check out our top listed Russian babes.

About her Horoscope

Her horoscope sign is Taurus. A thing to mention about this horoscope:

> "Taurus people seem to be least compatible with Arieses because of their opposing views on many aspects of life. Also, the inflexibility and stubbornness of Aries doesn't really go well with the calm and spirituality of Taurus." Source:

Her horoscope attributes according to her astrology sign:

  • Color - Green
  • Element - Earth
  • Flower - Poppy
  • Fragrance - Sandalwood
  • Lucky day - Friday
  • Motto - I own

Positive trait

Learning how to see beyond personal interests and to try to put that stubbornness to work in benefit of those around him. They are prejudiced and self indulgent.

Negative trait

Imagine a persistent, pragmatic and loyal individual. The biggest strength of a Taurus is represented by the fact they are down to earth persons with a sensible but objective outlook on life.

Neutral trait

Those born between April 20 and May 20 are for a good reason considered the producers of the zodiac. They are constant and tenacious but also very patient and understanding people.

Looks & Measurements

With 0ft 0 Alina is considered small according to western standards.

Alina Zagitova on social media

You can find Alina on social media. For cute photos & videos of this babe you've got to check out her Instagram. . Unfortunately she's not on Youtube. But make sure to check out her personal links for all platforms down below in the wiki.

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Name Alina Zagitova
Country Russia
Profession Figure Skater
Horoscoop Taurus
Instagram azagitova Instagram azagitova


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