Analysing one of the hottest pornstar's Instagram: Lana Rhoades

Babesdirectory staff
Babesdirectory staff
Sep 24, 2021

In this blog we'll be diving into Lana Rhoades' Instagram. We are going to look at the best posts in terms of: likes, comments & engagement. At the time of writing this post Lana has got a whopping 16M+ followers with only 24 posts. She's following 221 accounts. 


Lana's most liked post on Insta: 3M+ likes

Lana's most liked post is one where she is showing off a tiny little baby bump in front of a garden pool. 

Lana Rhoades wearing green yoga wear in front of a pool exposing her baby belly

The post got over 3 million likes, 3.012.205 likes to be precise at the time of writing. The caption reads:

Bump update! 20 wks in a couple days! Every woman looks different during their pregnancy depending on factors such as their height, abdominal muscles, and where the baby is sitting. I’m obviously still very tiny @ 20 wks which is half way through my pregnancy! The baby is actually measuring bigger than most babies! The ultrasound tech’s have told me Milo has giant feet and long legs 😅 so we will be skipping new born clothes when he gets here!

A very tiny babe bump for a pregnant babe going into the 21st week of pregnancy. The top mentioned response is from She mentions that she should skip the new born clothes since they will only be worn for once anyway. Good call by Lena The Plug. Other funny comments on the post were insinuating that they were the dad by commenting stuff like "How's my son" or "My kid is coming 🥺 ". 


Most commented post, Lana announcing pregnancy: 91k+ comments

The most commented post on her Insta is the one where she first announces her pregnancy to the world:

Photo of ultrasound picture of Lana's unborn child

This picture was uploaded to Instagram on the 2nd of June in 2021. It's got the most comments on a single post from her page. The caption reads:

This is the announcement 💝

It's no surprise that this post has generated the most comments. Dreams were broken, others are cheering her on. Most liked comments are people wondering who's the daddy. At the time of writing this blog, we actually are not yet sure who is the dad. One thing is for certain, it's not her ex' Mike Maljak1. He said so himself. I guess we are going to have to wait it out.


Lana Rhoades most engaging post: 18.3% Engagement

Lana Rhoades wearing green yoga wear in front of a pool exposing her baby belly

The engagement metric is a tiny bit different than the amount of likes. For Lana though, they happen to be the same post. Engagement is a metric calculated by the amount of followers a babe has divided by the number of engagements on a post. So in this example, about 1 out of 5 people who follow Lana Rhoades did actually engage with this post in one way or another. Which is an incredibly high amount for a babe with so many followers.


Current BIO

Her current BIO reads: "Shop My Virtual Closet ↙️ ". She links in her BIO to her personal shop on where you can buy stuff from her own closet. Which could be pretty cool for some I guess. 

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