8 things to know about dating a woman from the UK

Babesdirectory staff
Babesdirectory staff
Feb 18, 2022

Like the ladies from the United Kingdom? Check out these 7 things you should know when going out with a British woman.

1. They don't say 'fanny' or 'knickers' anymore (except really old ladies)

They say pants/trousers/jeans/knickers/y-fronts/etc… same as everyone else in the world does these days, except Americans apparently who call them "undies". They also say knickers occasionally when she mean stockings but nobody knows why that is either so just watch out for that one. 

She probably don't eat baked beans on toast while watching Britain's Got Talent every night after work either. She can do other things during evenings off.

There are some parts of Britain where people still say fanny/knickers etc., especially if they're old or come from Yorkshire or somewhere like that – so if your girlfriend says she loves your fanny then maybe ask her where she comes from before deciding whether she's weird. Or maybe she just really likes your bum? Who knows? 

2. She drinks tea from a cup probably

Usually they don't drink tea out of mugs either anymore so she probably drinks tea out of cups like normal people do nowadays!

3. They don't all talk posh

They have a wide range of accents yes (some thicker than others), but they're not all posh like Kate Middleton. Most British people aren't born with silver spoons in their mouths so they can talk however they want without sounding posh...

4. They're not all ginger

There are lots of British people who aren't ginger (red haired) at all...

5. A lot of them can understand Scottish people without them having to speak slowly

Most Scottish people speak quite fast though so it might take a while for them to realise that you can understand them.

6. Football for British women, love and hate

Some even hate men who watch football too – but there are quite a few British women who love football so that could go both ways. Just go easy on the footy so you can get to know on which side she is.

7. Most British women prefer chocolate bars over chocolate eggs.

Easter eggs (chocolate eggs) used to be really popular until about 20 years ago when chocolate bar sales overtook egg sales - ever since then chocolate bars have been more popular than chocolate eggs, besides during easter.

8. Youngish-looking older men will try chat up younger looking girls

If someone tries chatting up your date then please tell them politely that she already has a boyfriend and it's you. 

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