8 things to consider when dating a girl from Hungary

Babesdirectory staff
Babesdirectory staff
Feb 17, 2022

You gotta love Hungarian women, thinking about dating, perhaps even marrying one? Check out these 8 things to consider when dating a woman from Hungary.

1. They're not all prostitutes.

But she probably does like to party.. A lot!

2. They may be a little bit crazy sometimes.

But it's cute and you'll get used to it after a while.

3. If you want her to speak English with you.

Please try and learn some Hungarian first - they love the fact that people make an effort!

4. Don't call them 'Eastern European' or 'Russian'!

It makes her feel cheap :( And no one likes being called cheap... 

5. Their families will probably be very close-knit. 

So expect lots of family gatherings (and food) when you start dating someone from Hungary!

6. Don't worry if your girlfriend doesn't have much money at the beginning of your relationship.

She might just save up her salary every month until she has enough for an engagement ring.

back of woman on balcony in hungary city skyline

7. When going out on dates in Budapest

  • Never ever take her anywhere near Margaret Island during summertime because everyone goes there and it's super crowded :(
  • Also avoid taking her anywhere near Chain Bridge at night time because there is always traffic jam on this bridge due to its location between two bridges over Danube river which causes huge traffic jams in both directions during rush hours

8. Hungarians love nature

Dating a Hungarian woman means you have to love nature as much as she does. As well as animals by the way.

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