8 things to consider when dating a girl from Germany

Babesdirectory staff
Babesdirectory staff
Feb 17, 2022

Welcome to Germany! Home of some of the most beautiful babes in the world. Looking to date or marry one? Check out the 8 things to consider when going out with a German girl.

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1. They're not all blonde and busty.

They may have a reputation for being tall, blonde and beautiful but they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. So please don't assume they're all the same!

pretzel and weizen beer on table

2. She loves her beer (and wine, and spretzels!).

And she also loves to drink it with you - just as long as you can keep up with her!

3. Don't be afraid of a bit of nudity.

Around the house/flat/apartment… or even outside sometimes! It's normal for German girls to walk around naked at home, but if your place is too uptight about that then maybe think twice before asking a German girl over? 

4. Her English may not be perfect... yet.

But that doesn't mean they won't try their best to communicate with you in it anyway :) And if there are any mistakes, feel free to correct them - We're sure they'll only improve her language skills further.

5. She don't like to be called 'Frau' or 'Madam'.

It's just plain rude to call her that when you first meet her becuase it makes her feel old! Call her by name instead please… 

4. The food isn't always bland.

But sometimes they do eat bread dumplings ( Kartoffelpüree ) for breakfast, lunch AND dinner; along with sausages ( Würstchen ), potatoes ( Bratkartoffeln ) and cabbage salad ( Rotkohl ).

6. If your date doesn't look German, chances are they aren't.

They may well have grown up somewhere else entirely: The largest immigrant groups come from Turkey followed by Poland, Russia & Italy.

portrait of woman wearing traditional bavarian dress holding pretzel

7 . A real Bavarian knows how to dance Lederhosen style.

Just ask them nicely. Probably best after a few beers.

8. And finally: Never forget Oktoberfest!

It's THE party event of every year in Munich but celebrated all over the country! If you like beer and party, dating a German girl is the one thing you should look for. 

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