6 things to consider when dating a woman from the USA

Babesdirectory staff
Babesdirectory staff
Feb 17, 2022

Hooking up with an American woman? Or looking for hot babes from the USA? Check out our listed things to consider when dating an American girl.

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1. They're not all cheerleaders and cowboys.

They don't all have a gun rack in our pick-up trucks and we're not all obsessed with the NFL.

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2. She doesn't have a clue what you're talking about half the time.

When you say 'footy', she thinks you mean 'soccer' and when you say 'beer', she thinks you mean 'lager'.

3. She probably won't be able to tell whether your accent is sexy or not.

You can talk to her in your thickest Geordie/Scouse/Manc accent and she'll probably just smile politely and nod along because she didn't understand a word of it!

4. They really like it when you speak to them in your normal voice instead of trying to do an American one.

It's cute that you're trying, but if she wanted to listen to someone doing an impression of an American, she'd listen to Morgan Freeman reading Harry Potter out loud on YouTube.

5. Don't expect them to know everything there is to know about American politics, sports, culture or history.

She may have lived there for ten years or more, but that doesn't mean they know everything about the place - they've got other things on their mind too!

6. Don't assume that because they've lived in America that we will automatically love the same things as you do - especially if they're football related!

If you want her to sit through an entire match with you, then at least buy her a beer first… preferably a nice lager!

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