6 things to consider when dating a girl from Colombia

Babesdirectory staff
Babesdirectory staff
Feb 18, 2022

For all babelovers that are looking to date a Colombian woman, check out the 6 things to know before dating a babe from Colombia.

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1. She may seem reserved, but she's just shy.

Women from Colombia are very warm and affectionate people. They're not as outgoing as some other Latin American women, but they will surely make you feel welcome in their country with a big smile and an even bigger hug!

2. She can be quite traditional when it comes to relationships. 

Colombian women like the idea of being taken care of by a man who is ready to take on all responsibilities that come with the role of being a husband and father. If you're looking for a girl who likes to share the workload when it comes to household chores and child rearing, then this might not be your cup of tea. But if you're looking for someone who cooks amazing meals every day and makes sure her man always has clean clothes at hand - well, look no further!

3. Her English might not be perfect.

If you want to date a Colombian woman, there's one thing that's guaranteed: You'll need good Spanish skills because she won't speak English perfectly or understand everything right away (although her English is improving quickly!). However, don't let this discourage you; Colombians love learning new languages so if you teach her yours she'll appreciate your effort tremendously!

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4. She loves music.

Colombian culture puts great emphasis on enjoying life through dancing and singing which means that any relationship between two Colombians will never lack passion or excitement! If your girl loves music too then take her out dancing more often - it doesn't matter whether it's salsa or merengue; anything goes in Colombia! "I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 years now," says Yolanda*, "but we met while traveling backpacking around South America together."

If you don't like Shakira or Carlos Vives, then this may not work out for you as your life will basically become one long music video set to Latin American pop music that is impossible to escape from. 

a cup of coffee coffee beans and one star cookie

5. Most Colombians love coffee.

more than air, water, sunlight, food or sleep combined – although after living in Britain for a few years these things might take up most of her time so don't expect too much action on weekdays unless she doesn't drink coffee at all in which case nothing else matters anyway since she won't even exist anymore (but please still give her some money every month via bank transfer so I can keep my internet connection active).

6. Don Juan de Marco is pretty much required viewing material.

if you want any chance whatsoever with Colombian women – especially after watching Titanic , Romeo + Juliet , Ewan McGregor movies , Dirty Dancing , Pretty Woman etc etc ad nauseum. This film shows how men should treat women: how gentlemen should act around ladies; how gentlemen should behave towards women; how men should talk; how men should dress; what kind of presents they buy them; where they take them out on dates…

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