5 things to know when dating a woman from Canada

Babesdirectory staff
Babesdirectory staff
Feb 18, 2022

Hee babelover, looking for a Canadian girl? Should you be interested in hooking up with a woman from Canada, check out these 5 things to know about dating a Canadian woman.

ice hockey skates close up

1. She's not a lumberjack, or a hockey player

Canada is known for its love of hockey, and their national sport is called 'lumberjack'. This means that if you're dating a Canadian woman, she won't be wearing flannel shirts or carrying an axe.

igloo canada

2. We don't live in igloos

The Inuit people of Canada do live in igloos, but they make up less than 1% of the population. The rest live in houses like everyone else.

3. She's probably not from Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island isn't actually an island. It's part of British Columbia which is on the mainland of Canada. It's also pretty small so you'll probably never have to go there anyway.

4. They don't all speak French

Canada has two official languages: English and French, but most Canadians only speak English because it's easier to get by with just one language when you live next door to America.

woman besides horse in mountie uniform

5. You'll probably don't see her in a Mountie uniform (outside of the bedroom)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (who are called 'Mounties') wear red uniforms with white hats and ride horses through the forest looking for criminals and stuff, but they're more famous for their appearances in TV shows like Due South and The Littlest Hobo. It seems like they're always getting into scrapes with bears and stuff too - which is cool - but they don't actually wear those uniforms anymore because they were too expensive to dry-clean! 

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